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From left to right: Zack Fuller, Anna Fuller, Matt Petersen, Amanda Petersen,
Kaylee Durham, Zac Durham, Karry Sweeney, Zach Sweeney, Rob Dobek, Ben Doyle


Anna Fuller (Director)
Zack Fuller (Vice President)

Anna took over the position of director in 2016 after being on the board of Iowa Remembers, Inc. since the inception. She graduated from Buena Vista University in 2007 with an English/Literature degree and is a substitute teacher in the Grimes School District and coaches the 9th grade volleyball team. 

Zack grew up in Maryland and joined the US Army in 2002. He was first stationed in Ft. Campbell, KY as a sniper with the 101st Airborne.  He currently serves in the Iowa Army National Guard full-time as a Sergeant First Class. Although he travels a lot for work, he enjoys playing soccer and going to the gym. 

Anna and Zack live in Grimes with their two daughters, Emma (15) and Gracie (13); plus their dog, Saylor.


Amanda Petersen (President)
Matt Petersen (Board Member)

Amanda is originally from Wisconsin and moved to Iowa 18 years ago to attend Drake University. While there she met her eventual husband, James. After graduation, they moved to Grimes and had a daughter, Caydence. In 2011, James was one of the three Iowa National Guard soldiers who lost their lives that April in Afghanistan. Amanda enjoys photography, crafting, taking long walks around Target, and being a taxi driver for her children.

Matt grew up in Grimes and went on to play college football at Central College in Pella. He now works as a Sales Manager at Willis Auto Campus and is a big supporter of our military and their families. In his free time, he enjoys working out, fishing, hunting, traveling (mostly just with his wife but lets the kids tag along from time to time), and eating all the food.

Amanda and Matt  live in Grimes with their four children, Caydence (14), Cruz (7), Coralie (5), and Camilla (4); plus their dog, Khloe.


Karry Sweeney (Treasurer)

Karry grew up in Humboldt, Iowa and moved to the Des Moines area to attend AIB where she majored in accounting. In 2013 she married Andrew Bauer, an OIF veteran. In 2015, her and Andrew welcomed a son, Peyton, into their family. Sadly Andrew passed away in 2016 from a service related illness. She currently works at Athene USA as a Senior Financial Analyst and enjoys watching football, working out, and camping when she has spare time.

Karry lives in Winterset with husband, Zach and their three children;  Jaden (19), Peyton (6), and Aubree (2); plus their dog, Ge.


Zac Durham (Board Member)
Kaylee Durham (Board Member)

Kaylee was born and raised in Iowa. She grew up in Carlisle but currently lives with Zac and their two dogs in a tiny house out in the country. Kaylee is graduate of Iowa State University and is currently pursuing an MBA from the University of Iowa. She is a Financial Analyst working for Principal Financial Services and has recently picked up coaching high school volleyball. In her free time, Kaylee enjoys spending time with her family, playing volleyball, and taking the dogs on outdoor adventures.

Zac also hails from Carlisle. He and Kaylee met in high school and have been together ever since. Zac spent 6 years in the military serving a share of the time on both active duty and in the National Guard. He is a graduate of Western Governors University and works as a Sales Analyst. Zac has an uncanny ability to bring ridiculous ideas to life, which explains why and Kaylee live in a tiny house they built themselves. In his free time, Zac enjoys playing video games, flying his drone just out of his dog's reach, and listening to Post Malone while driving the tractor across the field.

Zac and Kaylee live in BFE with their two dogs, Bear (10) and Macy (10)

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